Next Level Management & Leadership

6 Week Series Bundle Summary & Learning Objectives

The Next Level Management & Leadership Series addresses what happens after you receive that Manager or Executive title.  Often, expectations are immediate, and training goes on the back burner, if there is any training at all. This insightful series focuses on identifying your individual preferences and strengths rather than forcing a textbook management style.  You will gain insight, guidance, perspective, and an overall leadership confidence whether you are a new or veteran manager.

This training teaches you how to be the most effective Leader by understanding yourself, your thinking patterns, your team, and how to utilize your strengths, acknowledge your opportunities, and embrace challenges to master the areas critical to achieving success.

There are six major milestones that you're going to go through from Mindset to Performance Management: 

  • Milestone 1: Your Immediate 30-Day Plan - You will learn how to approach your first 30 days of a new position, or how to relaunch and create a plan that guides you through taking on a team, project, or assignment effectively.  You will learn the proper mindset to assess and identify needs and obstacles, how and when to address, and how to align strategies to goals. You will then learn the essentials of a 30-60-90 day strategic plan and how to best position yourself for success going forward.

  • Milestone 2: Mastering Critically Valuable Leadership Skills - You will learn the differences between a Manager role and a Leader role as well as the interchangeable skills and common misconceptions in thinking patterns and approaches. You will learn essential leadership skills and qualities and complete a Leadership Qualities Self-Assessment designed to provide insight into the areas you excel in and those to best focus on for your growth.  You will then learn optimal leadership styles for your team, as well as your current preferred leadership style, and how it’s impacting your team. Lastly, you will learn how to recognize motivators to engage your team to bring out the best version of each team member almost immediately.

  • Milestone 3: The Art of Effective Communication - You will learn the three most effective forms of communication and how to best use them to have the desired impact.  You will then learn upward communication and the essentials of effective communication with Leadership.  You will then move on to learn downward communication and the essentials of effective communication with direct reports.  Lastly, you will learn horizontal communication and the essentials of effective communication with peers. The importance of communication is crucial, and this course is designed to show you how to leverage each style for effectiveness. 

  • Milestone 4: The Emotional Side of Management - You will learn the extremely important role that EI (Emotional Intelligence) plays in careers and how to master your own Emotional Intelligence. You will complete an Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment to gain insight into your strengths in each of the four main components of EI and those areas to further develop.  You will then learn each of the four components of EI and the best techniques to master each. Lastly, you will learn how to develop your overall EI Capabilities to guide your thought process, approach, and interactions to influence others.

  • Milestone 5: Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce - You will learn perspective into the experiences that shaped each generation’s thinking patterns and behaviors. You will learn common management styles in the workforce and how and why these styles have evolved. You will then learn the most effective management & leadership practices for a multi-generational team as well as integration techniques for a harmonious and productive workplace. Lastly, you will gain overall knowledge that will help you to effectively manage the team into a unified group that appreciates the value that each other brings.

  • Milestone 6: Performance Management – Employee Growth & Development –You will learn exactly what Performance Management is and its value to an organization. You will learn the importance of integrating performance management into daily interactions with your employees, how to clarify expectations, and set performance goals. You will then learn the coaching process and the skills needed to coach employees to improve performance and grow professionally. Lastly, you will learn how to manage to performance goals using ongoing constructive and positive feedback to drive your team’s performance.

Our students know… 

They have something more to give to their team & feel that they have not yet tapped into it.   

They have a team with more to give but haven’t been able to draw it out.

They want to link their personal and organization’s purpose together but don’t know how.

This course isn’t designed for those who are stuck using a hierarchical model of leadership. This is for managers who aim to be a leader, who aim to authentically create a culture of development, even at the highest levels. This is for aspiring leaders, who want to take the initiative in their own career trajectory and develop the skills that will make them invaluable to any organization.

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Series Bundle Includes

  • 6 Self-Paced Core Modules

    If you want to feel confident in your decisions and have a true strategy on how you approach situations effectively, efficiently, and with successful results, this is the Series for you.

  • Course Workbooks

    Each course provides you with a course workbook to enable you to have a resource of takeaways that you can utilize and refer to going forward to further your development.

  • Self-Assessment Exercises

    This series includes various Self-Assessments to provide you with insight into the specific qualities that impact your Management & Leadership style & how to leverage your learnings most effectively.

  • Bonus #1

    6 Private 60-Minute 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions to ensure that you are successfully implementing strategies $1997 VALUE

  • Bonus #2

    1 Year Access to a Personal Learning Portal that will house additional Team Management & Leadership Resources $297 VALUE

  • Bonus #3

    3 "Ask Me Anything" Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls to assist you with Management or Leadership challenges. $997 VALUE

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