Do you feel like the differences in generations amongst your team is causing friction? Are you looking for answers?

In this course you will gain perspective into the experiences that shaped each generation’s thinking patterns and behaviors. You will learn common management styles in the workforce and how and why these styles have evolved. You will then learn the most effective management & leadership practices for a multi-generational team as well as integration techniques for a harmonious and productive workplace. Lastly, you will gain overall knowledge that will help you to effectively manage the team into a unified group that appreciates the value that each other brings.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Intro

  • 2

    Today's Workforce Climate

    • Workbook Pages for this Chapter

    • Today's Workforce Climate

  • 3

    The Impact of Management Styles

    • Workbook Pages for this Chapter

    • The Impact of Management Styles

  • 4

    Generational Experiences & Influences

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    • Generational Experiences & Influences

  • 5

    Multi-Generational Managing & Integration Techniques

    • Workbook Pages for this Chapter

    • Multi-Generational Managing & Integration Techniques

  • 6

    Conclusion & Debrief

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    • Conclusion & Debrief

    • Before you go...

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